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How games will be played at Campbell School

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Headmaster Logan

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:00 pm    Post subject: How games will be played at Campbell School  Reply with quote

Making the Team:

Heads of House will choose a Captain based on overall grades-most importantly Flight-along with a written application, who will hold tryouts for the other six players of the team.

Heads of House must approve the list of players supplied by the Captain before a team's roster can be updated.

*Note*: A player must have completed one semester of 1st year Flying Class to be able to put their name up for contention. Therefore, the start of term 1 will be Flying lessons only.

*Note*: Fifth Years that do not pass their OWLs will be prohibited from playing during the following year.

Playing the Game:

A season will consist of three matches per term, one in the first semester (excluding term 1) and two in the second.

Game dates and times are decided on in the beginning of the year. The players that show up to the pitch for that time are the ones that will play. Any latecomers will be forbidden from playing that match. The game will go about as a role playing scenario would, with the MOD (most likely the headmaster) throwing in twists and turns.

*Note*: If you are hit by a bludger and the MOD says that you are out of the game, you are forbidden to re-enter the game, or your team will forfeit.

The game ends when one team's seeker catches the snitch.

There will be a minimum of 30 pages per match, with the snitch becoming "catchable" as soon as play reaches page 30. Each seeker will get a maximum of 3 posts before the match is over. Teammates can play on until after each seeker has posted 3 times, with a max of 50 pages. If play lulls or if one seeker doesn't post 3 times within a reasonable timeframe (determined by the MOD) then the game will end.

One team must have possession of the Quaffle for 5 pages before they can shoot. Then the 3,2,1 rule comes into play. The Quaffle enters "matrix-mode," and to exit this mode, the shooting chaser must post 3 times, example:

Logan watched the Quaffle tear off toward the goal, toward the waiting keeper. (3)

-other posts- ex:
Zanna watched from her posts as her chaser shot the Quaffle. Maybe they could win after all....

The ball zoomed forth, and Logan held his breath, waiting earnestly. (2)

-other posts- ex:
Alexander wondered if his keeper would save as the ball moved closer to the goal....

Logan gasped in a sharp intake of breath as the ball seemingly inched forward. (1)

-other posts- ex:
Marilyn swirled around on her broom, Beater bat in hand. She had to protect her team at all costs.

Logan yelled in triumph as the ball sailed throught the golden rings. A goal for Ireland! (0)

On the chance that the keeper would post before the shooting chaser can reach zero, and RPs that he saved the Quaffle, then the Quaffle is stopped and normal-speed play resumes. Ex:
Jackson leapt forth on his broom and snatched the Quaffle with his fingertips. A save!

Keepers, remember: you will not save 100% of the time! You will have to miss, and most likely miss often!

With that, enjoy your playing!

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